April 5th to 7th


Little Hands

Director: Rohin Raveendran Nair

Short Fiction | 8 min

Langauge: None



Little Hands tells the story of Jobin George, a sixth-grader, as he sits through a difficult mathematics examination. With hostile classmates all around, a strict teacher on the prowl and pencils in motion he loses hope. This examination forces Jobin to answer several difficult questions, some of the mathematics and some other.


2ndQabila International Film Festival, Cairo (Egypt)
VII Goa Marathi Film Festival, Panjim (India)
XXII Curtas Vila Do Conde (under the section, Curtinhas), Vila Do Conde (Portugal) XVI Seoul International Youth Film Festival, Seoul (South Korea) 3rd Ladakh International Film Festival, Ladakh (India)