April 5th to 7th


Kuch Der Aur

Director: Anurag Kawatra

Fiction | 65 min




Kuch Der Aur (Wait a while) is a film showing the momentary lives of the people in Chandni Chowk. The film follows the journey of a young boy trying to find a moment of bliss in his life filled with impassiveness and eternal wait, to which thousands of lives in Chandni Chowk are already accustomed.

The transcending wait continues to test his patience and that of the other lives around him like his mother waiting for relief from her silent life, his Chacha hoping to get out of his middle age crises and his Chachi longing for a son she could never have. Each one has to try their own way out of this never-ending cycle of wait. 


Calcutta International Cult Film Festival
Virgin Spring Cinefest
New Delhi Film Festival
Jagran Film Festival
Jaipur Film Festival