April 5th to 7th


A Film-Making Competition


Film-making isn’t if you can just strap on a camera onto an actor, and steadicam, and point it at their face, and follow them through the movie, that is not what moviemaking is, that is not what it’s about. It’s not just about getting a performance. It’s also about the psychology of the cinematic moment, and the psychology of the presentation of that, of that window.
- David Fincher

FilmTantra invites all student filmmakers to showcase their films at 'CINEVILLE ANNUAL FILM FESTIVAL'22, for our film making competition 'DRISHYAM'.

Opening up boundaries between fiction and documentary, DRISHYAMinvites submissions for both fiction and documentary films bringing out the true essence of storytelling.

Rules of the competition :

Deadline for submission is 31 March, 2022

1. The length of the film should be 3-30 mins ( credits included)
2. Usage of unauthorized music is not allowed. (The film must contain credits for all music used)
3. Usage of stock footage is not allowed.
4. Film submissions must have subtitles.
5.  Only one entry in each category is allowed.
6. .Multiple entries in the same discipline will be subject to disqualification, send us your best work.
7. Only the selected films will be screened at CAFF'22.
8.The film must be made after 1st January 2021.
9. Films will be judged based on their script, theme, cinematography, music, editing and direction
10. All submissions need to specify the primary language it is made in.
11. Submissions need to accompany a valid student id and a nationality proof.
12. Each submission need to accompany the required entry fee of Rs. 20
13. The organizing committee reserves the right to disqualify any submission that do not follow the above guidelines.  


Winner- ₹3000
Runner Up- ₹2000
Exciting goodies and prizes.
Get feedback from veteran filmmakers

Winner- ₹3000
Runner Up- ₹2000
Exciting goodies and prizes.
Get feedback from veteran filmmakers

A plethora of actions, revelations and prizes await you!

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