April 5th to 7th


Little Hands

Remember mathematics? Yes, I am talking about the odious subject that most people found utterly reprehensible in school. Well, if you’re one of those people who was bullied by integers, fractions and equations throughout their childhood.


When our parents used to say that school is the best place you could be, all of us brushed it aside and never realized then what it meant. Now as when we look back, we realize that statement stood true to its core.

There is Something in the Air

Some stories make you laugh while some make you cry and on a few rare occasions you come across a story that sends you into a deep spiral of thoughts, that introduces you to something beyond the periphery of your imagination,

Amma Meri

Away from the modern landscape that most of us know now, ‘Amma Meri’ is a gripping tale of survival, social relevance, and a moral dilemma.

Coral Woman

Coral Woman', an interesting account of the life and actions of a 53-year-old woman named Uma. To say that Uma is an impressive woman would be an understatement. She is an artist, a scuba-diving instructor, and an environmental activist.

An Insignificant Man

An Insignificant Man, screened at CAFF’18, is a socio-political documentary on the rise to power of Arvind Kejriwal, the leader of The Aam Aadmi Party


Tungrus was screened at CAFF’19. It was the most memorable movie of the two-day long film festival with people raving about the hilarity of the situation depicted in the documentary.